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Hello and welcome to my web-site!  I am a Registered Nursing Assistant (R.N.A.), a published author, and a very proud mom of two wonderful young ladies, Michal and Shiri. I am also blessed with the most amazing partner in my life, composer and concert pianist, Edwin Orion Brownell!

In my late teens I moved with my parents to Rehovot (the city of science) and, until 1978 lived just across from the famous Wiseman Institute. In that year, at the age of 18, I joined the Israeli army to complete my mandatory service.


After my time in the military, I worked as a licensed insurance broker for many years, a position I loved because of my contact with the public. However once I moved to Canada in 1993 I decided to begin a new career in the field of nursing.

After completing my training, I worked in two hospitals as a R.N.A. While this was satisfying work, I always enjoyed different challenges and, with the encouragement of the management at Maimonides I also became a trainer of two “Health and Safety” courses. Just recently I was trained to be a facilitator for a third course, or I should say Retreat, based on the famous Planetree philosophy that comes from the United States. I am enjoying every moment of this new exciting experience.

Between my clinical practice and my teaching sessions in local hospitals and C.L.S.C.s across the Montreal area, my schedule was getting booked up! However, despite a distinct lack of free time, I would not give up on either my desire to write or my interest in volunteer work. With the help and support of my family, I am currently able to devote about 40 hours a month to my passion of helping the hearing impaired community, and have still finally managed to finish my first book. In Dec 2007, “The Will To Live” was published by “Authorhouse” in Hebrew, and Feb 2009, it has been published in English.

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