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As being profoundly hearing impaired, I am naturally sensitive towards this issue.
Working in health care facilities, was a huge eye opener. I didn’t realize how many people just like me, DON’T HEAR. The problem that I detected was that the majority of those that are hard of hearing don’t know and do not have access to the resources that are available for them. Many of the services for hearing impaired are free.
We live in a technologically advanced society, and there are so many devices and possibilities available, but unfortunately, there is not enough awareness and knowledge even among health care providers.

I decided to do something about it !

I offered educational programs at Maimonides Geriatric Center and since 2005 I devote about 40 hours a month volunteering on behalf of the hard of hearing. I am the resource and spokesperson for the ones that can’t hear at Maimonides.  As a result, we have more residents that can rely on their aids because they work!  It was a long road since 2005. I worked very intensely to educate the staff, family members and of course, our dear residents. We identified the people that can benefit from hearing aids and then, when they had them “on hand” I was teaching them how to operate them in the ear…
Also, I have a “walk in clinic” every week that keeps me very busy. It is open to any one that has problems dealing with hearing impairment and especially with HEARING AIDS. I use two of them myself and without them, I would be lost.
I was very lucky to have an open door and mostly an open mind by my manager Mrs. Lucie Tremblay. She supported all my needs, provided me with the tools and gave me good advice throughout the years. The amazing people at the volunteer department at Maimonides are also an incredible support for me. Lisa Blobstein, the Communications Officer at Maimonides, is working hard to makes sure that our voice will be heard when needed. Her work and personality are greatly appreciated. 
I feel so lucky, proud and privileged to be supported within the government system for years now, with NO BUREAUCRACY.  It is all about caring.

I could have not accomplished anything without my family’s support and understanding.
I am often busy helping people when I could have been at home, but Edwin’s help and support, my beloved partner in life, is a reflection of the loving person he his.
As a team we were able to help the ones in need, but there are lots more that we can do.

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